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Non-signatory states

Continued insurance coverage for persons posted in a non-signatory state on behalf of a company headquartered in Switzerland

If an employer whose headquarters are in Switzerland sends a person for a limited period of time to work (or carry out a mandate) in a country with which Switzerland has not concluded a bilateral social security agreement, that person maintains AVS coverage provided they have had been subject to Swiss social security legislation for at least five consecutive years immediately preceding the start of employment abroad, and that the employer agrees to deduct contributions from all salaries paid (including any compensation paid for this same work by an employer in the foreign country).

The employee and the employer in question must submit a joint request to our Compensation Fund Office within a period of 6 months from the day all conditions are met

Please note: A request for continued insurance coverage does not imply automatic exemption from paying social security contributions in the country from which the person is posted.  It is therefore necessary to make enquiries with the competent authorities in the country in question.


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