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Paternity insurance (APG-Apat)


If you are self-employed, you are responsible for paying your own social security contributions into the Compensation Fund.  They will be fixed provisionally on the basis of your estimated income for the year.  The AVS/AI/APG contributions are payable all together, at a maximum rate of 10%, provided your annual income is equal to or greater than CHF 57,400.  Within this overall rate, AVS is 8,1%, AI is 1,4%, and APG is 0,50%. If your income ranges between CHF 9,600 and CHF 57,400, you benefit from a regressive rate.  If it is below CHF 9,600, you only pay the CHF 503 per annum, minimum lump-sum.  In addition, there is a 1% contribution to compensation fund administrative costs, based on the fixed contribution level.  

The obligation to contribute terminates when you reach retirement age and when you cease all paid employment.  If you carry on working, contributions will be levied after deduction of an exemption of CHF 1,400 per month or CHF 16,800 per year.  


You will receive paternity benefits at the time of your child’s birth, provided that you can prove that you were insured for at least nine months prior to the birth and that you have been gainfully employed (or have received a subsidy for loss of earnings) for at least five months during that period. Your entitlement to paternity benefits begins on the day of your child’s birth and expires upon receipt of 14 daily allowances, at the latest six months after the birth. Paternity benefit requests must be signed by both you and your employer. Paternity allowance amounts to 80% of your average income and up to CHF 196.00 per day.

Paternity leave can be taken on a daily basis (after 5 days, 2 additional days are compensated) or weekly basis (5 working days + 2 additional paid days), or a combination of the two. At the most, paternity leave will amount to 10 working days and, twice, additional 2-day compensation.

Paternity benefits are paid retroactively, once you have taken your last day of paternity leave.


Your paternity benefit request must be sent to CVCI’s (Vaud Chamber of Commerce and Industry) OASI fund. You can claim the right to unpaid paternity benefits for up to five years once the six-month period after the birth expires. After this period, the right expires.